“Fireflies and God’s Love” – July Spiritual Care Blog

Fireflies make their appearance in the evening on a warm summer day. Some people call the firefly a lightning bug. Interestingly, it isn’t a really a bug. The firefly is a beetle. These little beetles are found throughout the United States—except Hawaii.

Seeing a yard full of fireflies brings a smile to most people’s faces. Watching the light of a firefly flash on and off is magical. Little children are filled with a sense of wonder. They run through the yard and chase the flashing light. As we get older, we pull up a lawn chair just to watch the evening light show in our yard.

During one firefly light show, I got to thinking how the little lights of the firefly flashing here and there in the darkness were a lot like people shining God’s love.

The Good Book tells us in Leviticus 19:18 we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus recites this verse in Matthew 19:19. In Matthew 5:14 we are told that we are the light of the world. We are to let our light shine before men.

Sometimes we get discouraged and our day seems a bit dark. Then we see little acts of kindness here. We see expressions of God’s love there. Little flashes of love appear and reappear throughout the day. They remind us that we are loved and that we can love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Seeing these little flashes of God’s light brings a smile to our faces.

The next time you see fireflies putting on their evening light show, take a moment and think of all the ways God’s love is shining in your life.

Chaplain Jeff

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